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Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

We have had many questions from tenants regarding what will happen going forward so have compiled a list of questions we have received to help everyone. We will be updating this and will update you all if we have any further information.

For All Tenants:

-I am leaving to go back home, do I still have to pay my rent and bills?

Yes, you are still liable of the duration of your tenancy and utility bill payments until the end of your tenancy. This is an unprecedented time but it is a bit like you going home for the Christmas break.

-What happens if this isolation goes on until the summer when I need to move out?

We do not know how long the currently situation will remain, but you really need to have vacated your room including your belongings by the end of the tenancy unless you have made prior arrangements If we are still in a period of isolation, packing up belongings and moving into another student property would need minimal social interaction and theoretically possible. This will of course be assessed nearer the time if necessary.

-I have signed a tenancy for the next academic year in Cardiff, can I move in early If I remain in Cardiff?

If you have a tenancy that starts from 1st July for the next academic year and have previously stated that you would like to live in the property from September, yes there is a possibility of moving in during the summer period if essential. This would mean paying additional rent in most cases. Please let us know as soon as possible.

-I am likely to move back to my country and unsure whether I am returning for the next academic year but signed a tenancy agreement. Can I terminate this agreement?

Sadly not, we would strongly advise at this stage not to rush into any decision regarding the situation in 6 months time. You are already legally bound to the terms of the new agreement and therefore in order to not be liable for the next academic year, you will have to find a replacement tenant. Until this happens, you are still bound to the agreement. 

For tenants currently in a house managed by Cardiff Student Letting:

-Will you still be conducting inspections during this period?

No, in the short term we will not be carrying out any interim inspections on properties. We do envisage that closing inspections will go ahead as normal at the end of June/beginning of July.

-What do I need to do if I need to contact the office?

Please email us at: [email protected] if you are a current tenant. The office is closed but we are working remotely and can be contacted by email, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Please report maintenance issues in the usual way via out website.

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